英语中的 53 个以 “动词 + sth. + sth.” 为结构的动词短语



feed sth. sth.

vt. 给...喂...

He's always feeding us a line.

A man is feeding some birds some bread.

In a field of tall grass, a small girl feeds a larger boy a bite of some type of food.

Two girls feeding a horse an apple.

Children prepare to feed a pigeon bread crumbs.

guarantee sth. sth.

vt. 保证, 担保

allow sth. sth.

vt. 允许, 同意给予, 承认

You are not allowed to use dirty words in your school essays.

We are not allowed to retail this to anyone in the state of Maine.

A man is working in a building no children are allowed .

The camera store owner allowed me $50 on my old camera

the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order

pronounce sth. sth.

v. 发音, 宣告, 断言

The surgeon sewed the patient up and pronounced the operation a success.

assign sth. sth.

vt. 分配, 指派, 赋值

I hope I can succeed at the task you have assigned me.

We were assigned new uniforms

He dispatched the task he was assigned

they were assigned the leviathan of textbooks

fax sth. sth.

v. 把...传真给...

Can you fax me the report right away?

teach sth. sth.

vt. [教/教导/教育]...(某人)...(某事/知识/信息)

Unlike traditional amusement parks, theme parks often want to teach visitors something.

People in our country have taught us the importance of giving everybody a chance to receive education.

A police officer teaches two children something.

Parents teaching their child the alphabet with crayons

A skier teaching others a trick

pose sth. sth.

vt. 向...提出...; 给...造成...

A man is posed standing on one hand on a skateboard ramp.

Three girls pose for a picture and one of the girls kisses the others cheek.

A snow sports champion poses an action shot for winter sports competitions.

Two young children pose for a picture being taking by their father.

rent sth. sth.

vt. 租用, 租出

deal sth. sth.

vt. 分配, 发牌, 给予

He dealt me the Queen of Spades

show sth. sth.

vt. 表示, 显示, 展现, 陈列, 演出, 表明, 指出, 带领

She began to buck up when I showed her the results of the tests.

When I tried to show Mary how to use a computer, it was a case of the blind leading the blind.

When she showed me her new dress, I could tell that she was fishing for a compliment.

Do you expect me to lead you around by the hand, showing you everything to do in your job?

The usher led us into the darkened theater and showed us our seats.

sing sth. sth.

vt. 唱, 歌颂

people are singing church hymns

A man is performing for a large audience and singing America the Beautiful.

Two people in black sing parodies in front a bunch of dogs.

A woman in a white dress is singing , a man in white dress is playing drums.

The soldier sang Take me Out to the Ball Game.

loan sth. sth.

v. 借, 供应货款, 借给

loan me some money

affix sth. sth.

v. 将...贴到...; 在...上粘上...; 在...上附上...; 附加...至...

sell sth. sth.

vt. 卖, 背叛, 销售, 出卖

We brought up the puppies carefully and sold them for a good profit.

The crook was trying to extort a lot of money from the widow by selling her a worthless insurance policy.

I just happened upon a strange little man in the street who offered to sell me a watch.

He made me an offer I could not refuse, so I sold him my car.

A group of women are trying to sell their vegetable harvest.

drop sth. sth.

v. 把...扔到...上

I dropped Aunt Jane a line last Thanksgiving.

She usually drops me a few lines around the first of the year.

Drop me a note when you get a chance.

A person dropped it while walking in the alley.

Don't drop the dun the dun

beam sth. sth.

vt. 照耀, 感到欣喜

award sth. sth.

vt. 授予...(某人)...(某物); 奖励...(某人)...(某物)

The man has just won the race and is being awarded a trophy.

A young man being awarded a medal and it being hung around his neck.

A man who was just awarded the silver star is posing for a photograph.

The winning dog is awarded a ribbon.

he was awarded an endowed chair in economics

hand sth. sth.

v. 把...[递给/交给]...

When I hand my secretary a package to be shipped, I know that it's as good as delivered right then and there.

She handed me a line about being a famous author.

Hand this around and let everyone look at it.

Hand around each of these pictures so everyone gets to see them.

Please hand this on to Walter after you've read it.

bequeath sth. sth.

vt. 遗赠, 遗留

My aunt bequeathed me all her jewelry

rush sth. sth.

vt. 使冲, 匆忙地做, 突袭, 飞跃, 用灯心草做

email sth. sth.

relay sth. sth.

vt. 分程传递, 转播, 使接替

telephone sth. sth.

v. 打电话

e_mail sth. sth.

cede sth. sth.

vt. 割让

reimburse sth. sth.

vt. 付还, 偿还, 赔偿

extend sth. sth.

v. 扩充, 延伸, 伸展, 扩大

She negotiated with her bank on extending her payment deadline.

afford sth. sth.

v. 给...提供...

It's a crying shame that people cannot afford adequate housing.

A little boy plays with the only toy his parents can afford , a ball.

The family appreciates the extra time together afforded them by the video games.

The woman can't afford the soup items.

she had not failed to take advantage of the opportunity to learn what coverage was afforded .

serve sth. sth.

vt. 可作...用, 服务, 经历, 招待, 供应, 送交, 对待

When they were served the ice cream, Yong Hui began to look ill.

I think Bill is a vegetarian, and if that is the case, we should not serve him meat.

Alice does not care for sweet-and-sour dishes, but she will usually eat whatever we serve her.

A person waits to be served his food.

A man is being served a dish in a restaurant.

deny sth. sth.

v. 否认, 拒绝

A boy denies his sister a drink.

I was denied login.

She denies me every pleasure

he denies her her weekly allowance

She denied herself wine and spirits

cable sth. sth.

vt. 将...电告...

Cable overseeing his work while coiling up a construction worker

cause sth. sth.

v. 使...产生..., 使...遭受..., 给...造成..., 给...带来...

His complaints beg the question: Didn't he cause all of his problems himself ?

Ann told Bob that if he ever two-timed her, she would cause him a lot of trouble.

crosswalks causing cell phone reception issues

The snow, causing business closings, had several people out skiing.

construction signs cause traffic confusion

phone sth. sth.

vt. 打电话告诉...(某人)...(某事)

A man and a woman are standing in front of a store that sells phone cards.

fedex sth. sth.

telegraph sth. sth.

vt. 打电报给, 电汇, 流露, 显示出要...的样子

read sth. sth.

v. 读, 阅读, 理解

She bundled Sarah into bed after reading her a story.

Please fold your hands and put them on the table while the teacher reads you a story.

Grandpa gathered all the kids around and read them a story.

All right, read this guy his rights and book him on a charge of theft.

You have to read them their rights before questioning them.

advance sth. sth.

vt. 使前进, 促进, 提出, 提高, 使提前, 预付

A professor is teaching people advanced dancing techniques.

I did not advance anything, especially my own opinion.

Can you advance me some money?

offer sth. sth.

vt. [给/向]...提供...

We offered him our congratulations on his passing the college entrance exams.

The board eased out the chairman by offering him a huge bonus.

They offered us a bunch of flowers as a peace offering.

My uncle offered me a trip to Europe, so I seized the opportunity.

I refuse to sell out no matter what they offer me.

accord sth. sth.

vt. 给与, 使一致

promise sth. sth.

vt. 允诺, 约定, 预示

I don't think this will come to what we were promised .

Bill will promise you the moon, but he won't live up to his promises.

Four children patiently pose for a portrait because they were promised ice cream.

I promise you my best effort

issue sth. sth.

vt. 使流出, 放出, 发行, 发布, 发给

they issued a limited edition of Bach recordings

the palace issued an order binding on all subjects

owe sth. sth.

vt. 亏欠, 负...债, 归功于, 怀有, 应给予, 感恩

At that rate we'll never get the money that is owed us.

The cost of the meal you bought and what I owed you cancel each other out, so we're even.

You had better come across with what you owe me.

You had better cough up what you owe me, if you know what's good for you.

Fork over the cash you owe me!

fed|ex sth. sth.

forward sth. sth.

vt. 给...[转寄/运送/转发]...

ship sth. sth.

vt. 以船运送, 装船, 运送

give sth. sth.

v. 给...(某人)...(某物), 把...(某物)给...(某人)

The professor gave us another wonderful talk, which I think is of great importance to our English study.

People in our country have taught us the importance of giving everybody a chance to receive education.

It is where you feel cold, heat or pain and it gives you your sense of touch.

Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will give the reader a strong impression.

Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.

refund sth. sth.

vt. 付还, 偿还借款

Please refund me my money

provide sth. sth.

vt. 提供, 供应, 规定, 预备

Professionals have provided these businesses access to quality benefit plans.

Professionals have managed to provide these businesses access to quality benefit plans.

Professionals have not provided these businesses access to quality benefit plans.

Professionals have not provided these businesses access to quality benefit plans

the act provided a continuing annual appropriation

mail sth. sth.

vt. 邮寄, 给...穿盔甲

they mailed the company a letter

I'll mail you the paper when it's written

I'll mail you the check tomorrow

refuse sth. sth.

vt. 拒绝, 谢绝

the plane was refused permission to enter Chinese airspace

pass sth. sth.

vt. 给...(1)传递...(2), 把...(2)递给...(1)

Would you kindly pass the cow paste?

A girl walks passed a puddle with trees behind here.

A man pushes his walker passed a' Model Express'.

A man chases a dog trying to pass the barrier to enter a play area.

People pass a street sale.