sentence They play music to satisfy their inner desire. /They-play-music-to-satisfy-their-inner-desire.= 1

They play music to satisfy their inner desire. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

["They", "play", "music", "to", "satisfy", "their", "inner", "desire", "."][{"i": 5, "s": [1, 2], "r": "动词短语", "e": [2, 3], "d": {"piece_poses": [0, 1]}}][{"s": 1, "r": 20, "e": 3, "t": 2}, {"s": 1, "r": 9, "e": 2, "t": 2}, {"s": 2, "r": 3, "e": 3, "t": 2}, {"s": 3, "r": 5, "e": 9, "t": 2}, {"s": 3, "r": 13, "e": 4, "t": 2}, {"s": 4, "r": 10, "e": 9, "t": 2}, {"s": 4, "r": 9, "e": 5, "t": 2}, {"s": 5, "r": 3, "e": 9, "t": 2}]{"coos": [], "c": null, "e": 9, "subs": [], "s": 0, "r": "陈述句"}


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play + the + music

v. 奏乐; 作乐; 奏; 播放音乐
play sth.
vt. 玩, 游戏, 假装, 开玩笑, 比赛, 扮演, 演奏, 演戏, 传摇曳, (使)跳动
n. 音乐, 乐曲

  • Some people play music at a cafe.
  • A group of people are watching a band play music .
  • A group plays music .
  • School band dressed in blue with their faces painted playing music .
  • A group of people are watching a band play music while one lady tries to take a picture of them.
  • A music group plays music .
  • The man is playing music .
  • The man is playing some polka-based music .
  • A band of four playing music .
  • A band is playing music .

play 的其它常用短语:

play a joke讲笑话
play a part in sth.在...中扮演角色play the role of sth.扮演...角色
play hide-and-seekplay sth. on sth.
play cards打扑克play by ear凭听觉记忆演奏
play a part扮演角色play against sth.与...比赛
play football踢足球play the part of sb.
play with fire玩火play for sth.为了...而[玩/表演/演出/拖时间]
play sports参加体育运动或比赛play volleyball打排球
play the violin叹苦经想得到人们的同情play ball games打球
play up加油play a role in sth.在...起作用
play the devil with sth.搞糟play up to sth.支持
play chess下棋play along with sth.参与
play at sth.在...玩play a key role in sth.起关键作用
play sth. in sth.在...中扮演 a joke on sb.
play the piano弹钢琴play an important role起重要作用
play on sth.在...(上、时)表演play a trick on sb.
play a joke with sth. with sth.用...玩...
play with sth.与...一起玩耍play the game玩游戏
play at sb. in computer games玩电脑游戏
play light musicplay basketball打篮球
play an instrument演奏乐器play on words双关语
play sth. wellplay sth. right
play sth. close to a big part in sth.
play a big partplay a bit part扮演小角色
play a large part in a large part

[[4, 5], [5, 9]]

satisfy + sth.

vt. 使满意, 满足, 符合, 使确信, 赔偿

  • you were able to satisfy the requirements
  • A dog biscuit will satisfy the dog until its regular feeding time.
  • he was grimly satisfied
  • The boys are satisfying their curiosities in the library.
  • A woman carries a basket to satisfy the demands of her daily chores.
  • Nick is looking for another job because nothing he does satisfies his boss.
  • They play music to satisfy their inner desire.
  • she satisfied his need for affection
  • the gathering satisfied both organizers and attendees
  • Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, who might return either to help or to do harm.

satisfy 的其它常用短语:

satisfy the needs of sth.满足...的需要satisfy requirements
satisfy demandssatisfy needs
satisfy sb. with sth.satisfy sth. by sth.
[[6, 7], [7, 9]]

inner + sth.

n. 内部的...; 里面的...; 内在的...; 内心的...; 思想的..., 精神的...; 向内的...; 接近中心的...; 未明确表达出来的..., 含蓄的..., 隐晦的...; 隐藏的..., 隐蔽的...; 秘密的..., 私人的...

[[7, 8]]





desire 的其它常用短语:

desire for sth.the desire to do. (sth.)
They play music to satisfy their inner desire.



They主语 play谓语动词 music宾语
to satisfy their ••• desire.
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