sentence Thank you for your advice. /Thank-you-for-your-advice.= 1

Thank you for your advice. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

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[[0, 1], [1, 2], [2, 3], [3, 6]] [[0, 1], [1, 2], [2, 3], [3, 6]]

thank + you + for + sth.

v. 感谢您的..., 感谢...

  • Thank you for bringing everything together so we can begin work.
  • Thank you for trading with us all these years.
  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  • Thank you for coming before this committee with your testimony.
  • Thank you for your consideration.
  • Thank you for delivering me from a very boring meeting by calling me to the telephone.

thank 的其它常用短语:

thank sb. for sth.thank sth. adv.
thank you for having usthank you谢谢你
thank you all the same同样地感谢你thank sth.谢谢
thank sth. kindlythank sth. a lot
thank god for small favorsthank goodness谢天谢地
thank heavens谢天谢地thank one's lucky stars谢天谢地
thank you a lotthank you for a lovely evening
thank you for a lovely timethank you for calling
thank you for having methank you for inviting me
thank you for sharingthank you kindly
thank sth. very muchthank sth. so much
thank you so much非常感谢thank you very much非常感谢
thanks a bunch非常感谢

[[4, 5]]


n. 忠告, 劝告, 意见, 报道, 通知


advice 详解

advice意为劝告, 忠告,是不可数名词,不能在其后加s。

表示一条建议a piece of advice

表示一些建议some advice


[give/offer] sb. a piece of advice.给(提供)某人一条建议

take one's advice接受某人的建议(同follow one's advice)

refuse one's advice拒绝某人的建议

some advice [on/about]...关于...的建议

  • The teacher gave them some advice [on/about] English learning. 老师给了他们一些学习英语的建议。

advice 与 suggestion 的区别


advice表示一种具有较强实用性和可操作性建议,通常译为劝告, 忠告


《牛津高阶英语词典》(第6版) 对它的解释是: an opinion or a suggestion about what sb should do in a particular situation.

《迈克米伦高阶英语词典》对它的解释是: an opinion that someone gives you about the best thing to do in a particular situation.

  • The lawyer gave me some helpful advice. 律师给我提供了一些有用的建议。
  • Ask for advice at your local family planning clinic. 到当地的计划生育门诊部去咨询一下。
  • He refused to sign the contract on the advice of his lawyer. 根据律师的忠告,他拒绝在合同上签字。
  • We don't know what to do, so we will seek our father's advice. 我们不知道该怎么办,因此我们要征求父亲的建议。
  • He is financially independent of his parents but still asks for their advice. 在经济上他已经自立,可他仍然征求父母的意见。
  • Invariably, her advice is excellent; we always do what she says. 她的建议总是很好,我们总是照她说的去做。
  • Local firefighters will help colleagues in Eastern Europe by providing advice and equipment. 当地的消防队员将会提供建议和设备来帮助东欧的同行们。


《牛津高阶英语词典》(第6版)对它的解释是:an idea or a plan that you mention for sb else to think about.

《迈克米伦高阶英语词典》对它的解释是:an idea or plan that you offer for someone to consider.

  • Your suggestion merits serious consideration. 你的建议值得认真考虑。
  • Neither suggestion was taken up by the assembly. 两个建议未得到会议的采纳。
  • I integrated your suggestion with my plan. 我把你的建议和我的计划融合在一起了。
  • They rejected my suggestion because it was too expensive. 他们拒绝了我的建议,因为费用过高。
  • I'll agree to your suggestion if you lower the price. 如果你们降低价钱,我就同意你们的建议。
  • The suggestion that shops should open on Sundays led to a heated discussion. 关于商店星期日也应该营业的提议,引起了激烈的争论。
  • I suggested that she should look for a lob but this suggestion did not go down at all well. 我建议她去找个工作,可是这个主意她根本听不进。
  • The older members of the committee are inclined to veto any suggestions put forward by the younger ones. 委员会的老成员们趋向于否决年轻成员们提出的任何建议。





advice通常与动词give (sb), offer (sb), pass on, provide (sb with)等搭配,表示(给某人)提出忠告, (给某人)提出建议等。

suggestion则通常与动词come up with, give sb., make, offer, put forward等搭配。

我们可以说make a suggestion,但通常就不说make an advice


advice 的其它常用短语:

the advice to do.
Thank you for your advice.



Thank...for...谓语动词短语 you直接宾语 your advice.介词宾语
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