sentence Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that I am willing to listen. /Standing-at-a-little-distance-with-open-hands-will-show-that-I-am-willing-to-listen.= 1

Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that I am willing to listen. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

["Standing", "at", "a", "little", "distance", "with", "open", "hands", "will", "show", "that", "I", "am", "willing", "to", "listen", "."][{"i": 7, "s": [0, 1, 2], "r": "动词短语", "e": [1, 2, 5], "d": {"poses": [2], "piece_poses": [0, 1, 2]}}, {"i": 9, "s": [1, 4], "r": "介词短语", "e": [2, 5], "d": {"piece_poses": [0, 1]}}, {"i": 12, "s": [5, 6, 7], "r": "状语结构", "e": [6, 7, 8], "d": {"piece_poses": [0, 1, 2]}}, {"i": 17, "s": [9, 10, 11], "r": "动词固定搭配", "e": [10, 11, 17], "d": {"poses": [2], "piece_poses": [0, 1, 2]}}, {"i": 22, "s": [13, 14, 15], "r": "固定搭配", "e": [14, 15, 17], "d": {"poses": [2], "piece_poses": [0, 1, 2]}}][{"s": 0, "r": 18, "e": 8, "t": 2}, {"s": 0, "r": 20, "e": 5, "t": 2}, {"s": 0, "r": 9, "e": 1, "t": 2}, {"s": 1, "r": 5, "e": 5, "t": 2}, {"s": 1, "r": 13, "e": 2, "t": 2}, {"s": 2, "r": 3, "e": 5, "t": 2}, {"s": 5, "r": 5, "e": 8, "t": 2}, {"s": 5, "r": 13, "e": 6, "t": 2}, {"s": 6, "r": 3, "e": 8, "t": 2}, {"s": 8, "r": 22, "e": 9, "t": 2}, {"s": 9, "r": 10, "e": 17, "t": 2}, {"s": 9, "r": 9, "e": 10, "t": 2}, {"s": 10, "r": 20, "e": 17, "t": 2}, {"s": 10, "r": 8, "e": 11, "t": 2}, {"s": 12, "r": 9, "e": 13, "t": 2}, {"s": 13, "r": 4, "e": 17, "t": 2}, {"s": 13, "r": 4, "e": 14, "t": 2}, {"s": 14, "r": 13, "e": 15, "t": 2}, {"s": 15, "r": 10, "e": 17, "t": 2}, {"s": 15, "r": 9, "e": 16, "t": 2}]{"coos": [], "c": null, "e": 17, "subs": [{"coos": [], "c": 2, "e": 17, "subs": [], "s": 11, "r": "宾语从句"}], "s": 0, "r": "陈述句"}


[[0, 1], [1, 2], [2, 5]]

stand + at + sth.

v. 站在...; 以...(条件/情况/状态)站着

  • A man wearing black clothing is standing at an empty table that has water glasses and papers strewn about.
  • a woman is standing at a table playing poker.
  • A young Asian child stands at the top of some steps and does n't seem to notice the person taking their picture.
  • people standing at a beach with Cameras.
  • the people are standing at the cliff
  • The water from the broken dam poured all over the rocks standing at its base.
  • Tom stood at the door, counting people as they came in.
  • A man stands at the bar ordering drinks for his friends.
  • Could I draw your attention to the statue standing at the entrance?
  • A man is standing at a podium.

stand 的其它常用短语:

stand in a line排队stand in a queue
stand in a row站成一排stand in sth.代演员站位
stand by sth.信守stand on one's toes
stand on one's head倒立stand on sth.站立在...上
stand against sth.反对stand behind sth.支持
stand back退后stand on one's dignity保持自己的尊严
stand or fall好坏stand off疏远
stand at attention立正stand on end竖立
stand between sth.妨碍(某人做某事)stand and deliver为人师表
stand apart from sth.离开stand apart站开
stand around坐着不做事stand aside站开
stand back from sth.stand between sth. and sth.
stand corrected认错stand down离开证人席
stand in awe of sth.敬重stand in awe
stand in back of sth.stand in one's way
stand off from sth.stand off sp.
stand on one's own two feet独立自主stand on one's two feet
stand outside of sth.stand outside不予讨论(或考虑等)
stand outside sth.不予讨论(或考虑等)stand over sth.延期
stand up sb.stand still for sth.
stand together并排站stand upon sth.依靠
stand well with sb.stand with sb.
stand by支持stand in代演员站位
stand in with sth.与...分担stand out突出
stand out against sth.在...的衬託下显得很突出stand out from sth.脱颖而出

[[1, 2], [2, 5]] [[1, 2], [4, 5]]

at + ... + distance

prep. 以...(的)距离; 在...(的)距离; 有着...(的)距离
n. 距离, 间距

  • if that happens it will be at some distance in the future
  • The ship stood off at some distance , waiting for its berth.
  • Two people stare off at the distance .
  • Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that I am willing to listen.
[[5, 6], [6, 8]] [[5, 6], [6, 7], [7, 8]]

with + open + hands

prep. [以/用]张开的双臂; 慷慨地, 手头大方地
adj. 开着的, 开放的; 开阔的; 营业着的; 公开的; 悬而未决的, 正在考虑的; 无遮盖的; 不密封的; 未[包裹/封装]的; 疏的; 空缺的; 空闲的; 无管制的; 设防的; 不加掩饰的, 公然的; 外露的, 裸露的; 脆弱的; 易受伤的; 坦诚的; 慷慨大方的; (气候)温和的; (河道)不冻的; (车票/机票)不限定日期的
n. 掌声, 鼓掌; 一把手

candid、frank、open、outspoken 的区别

candidfrankopenoutspoken等词的意思都包含坦率的; 敢于说出自己想法或感觉的

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • Two men, one with an open mouth and one with an open hand , are standing next to each other.
  • Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that I am willing to listen.
[[9, 10], [10, 11], [11, 17]]

show + (that) 引导的宾语从句

vt. 表示, 显示, 展现, 陈列, 演出, 表明, 指出, 带领

display、exhibit、expose 及 show 有何区别

displayexhibitexposeshow都含景象的出现; 展示某物让人看的意思。

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • Michael Jordan shows he still got it when he slam dunks for an exhibition game.
  • The waiter shows the diner's their dinner
  • The candidate conceded after enough votes had come in to show that he would lose
  • This little girl is making a face to show that she is unhappy.
  • A girl shows off her dance moves.
  • The bartender shows off the wide selection of beers on tap.
  • This receipt shows that we have accepted your money as payment on your debt.
  • Judy stamped everyone who went into the dance with a symbol that showed that each had paid admission.
  • The latest surveys show that quite a few children have unpleasant associations with homework.
  • Women are showing off their dance moves.

show 的其它常用短语:

show wh-/how + 不定式, wh-/how + 不定式作宾语成份表示show whether + 不定式, whether + 不定式作宾语成份表示
show as sth. sth.表示
show sth. to sth.表示show sb. out sth.
show respect to mercy to sth.对...怜悯
show sb. to one's seatshow sb. the big picture
show sb. the ropesshow sb. to the door
show sb. the doorshow sb. the tricks of the trade
show sth. to good advantageshow off炫耀
show through显现show up揭露
show up ahead of timeshow up on the dot
show sth. off sth.炫耀
show sth. off炫耀show up sth.揭露
show sth. up揭露show sb. up as sth.
show sth. as sth. as done.
show sth.表示show signs of sth.显示...迹象
show sb. round
show sb. aroundshow one's stuff显示出某人的素质
show sb. in sympathy for sth.
show sth. for around到处看看
show one's ticketshow concern about sth.
show business娱乐业show a film放电影
show out sth.送出(客人)show concern for sth.对...表示关心
show in sth.领进来show a lot of promise
show good faithshow one's hand摊牌
show one's teeth作威胁(或敌对、发怒)姿态show one's true colors原形毕露

[[13, 14], [14, 15], [15, 17]]

be. + willing + to + do. + (sth.)

v. 盼望..., 乐意..., 愿意...

  • he was available and willing to accompany her
  • Neither of the men are willing to smoke a cigarette.
  • He said he was willing to die for his country.
  • the boss hoped the plan would succeed but he wasn't willing to do the heavy lifting
  • unwilling to face facts
  • Citizens were not willing to take initiative.
  • Family of people willing to save the belongings of the person.
  • Young minds are always willing to learn.
  • I am willing to discuss it with you, but only if you promise not to kiss and tell.
  • Would you be willing to convert your oil furnace to a gas one?

willing 的其它常用短语:

be. willing for sb. to do. (sth.)willing sth.乐意的...
willing horse心甘情愿努力干活的人

[[2, 4], [4, 5]]

a + little + sth.

n. 一些..., 一点点..., 一点儿..., 稍微..., 些许...

a bit、a little 有何区别

a bita little在意思上非常相似,都表示一点点, 有点儿


  • He is a bit like his father. 他有点像他的父亲。
  • He is a little like his father. 他有点像他的父亲。
  • The speaker spoke a bit louder in order to make himself heard more clearly. 讲话人把嗓门提高了一点儿,以便让别人听得更清楚。
  • The speaker spoke a little louder in order to make himself heard more clearly. 讲话人把嗓门提高了一点儿,以便让别人听得更清楚。

修饰形容词时,通常都与那些表示负面意义的形容词(如: tiredcoldsicksadserious等)联用。

  • The man was [a bit/a little] tired. 这个人有点儿累了。
  • I think these boxes are [a bit/a little] heavy. 我想这些箱子有点儿重吧。

而通常不用于修饰表示正面意义的形容词(如: goodwellhappygladsatisfied等)。

误:He is [a bit/a little] well.

误:It is [a bit/a little] cheap.


  • He's feeling [a bit/a little] better. 他感觉好些了。
  • It is [a bit/a little] cheaper. 它要便宜些。

a bit后要加ofa little则不用。

  • She ate a bit of bread for lunch. 她午饭就吃了一点点面包。
  • She ate a little bread for lunch. 她午饭就吃了一点点面包。
  • He may need [a bit of/a little] help. 他也许需要点帮助。
  • He knows [a bit of/a little] French. 他懂一点点法语。
: 但是若名词前有mythisthe等限定词修饰,则不能直接用a little,而要用a little of
  • I taste a little of this wine. 我尝了一点儿这种酒。
: a bit of后有时接单数可数名词表示有点(像)
  • He is a bit of a poet. 他有点像诗人。
  • She was in a bit of a hurry. 她有点儿匆匆忙忙。

否定修饰后,not a bitnot a little的含义相差很大。

not a bit表示一点也不,相当于not at allnot in the least之意。

  • He is not a bit like his father. 他一点也不像他父亲。
  • Are you hungry? No, not a bit. 你饿了吗? 不,一点也不饿。
  • She is not a bit happy. 她很不开心。

not a little表示非常, 很,相当于very(much)、a lot之意。

  • He is not a little like his father. 他很像他的父亲。
  • I am not a little surprised at the news. 我对这个消息深感惊讶。
  • The boy was not a little worried because he hadn't heard from her parents for a long time. 那个男孩很担心,因为好久没收到父母的来信了。
扩展: 有时bit之前,还可以加little,进一步修饰程度之低
  • I'm a little bit tired. Let's take a short rest. 我稍有点累了。让我们休息一会儿。

few、a few、little 及 a little 的区别

few、a few 用来修饰可数名词

few表示很少, 几乎没有,含有否定意义。

  • He has few friends here. 他在这里几乎没朋友。

a few表示有几个, 有一些,含有肯定意义。

  • There are a few eggs in the basket. 篮子里有几个鸡蛋。
little、a little 用来修饰不可数名词

little表示很少, 几乎没有,含有否定意义。

a little表示有一点, 有一些,含有肯定意义。

  • There is little ink in my bottle, can you give me a little ink? 我的瓶子里没有墨水了,你能给我点儿墨水吗?
few、little 与 no 的区别


  • She walked wearing a little black dress.
  • I always try to embellish my tales with a little local color.
  • It's about time for a little straight talk around here.
  • Women are showing a little boy artwork.
  • A group huddled together saying a little prayer.
  • With a little lobbying, they pushed it through.
  • She led us down to a little room in the cellar, where the old trunk had been kept for all these years.
  • You should thin this down with a little water.
  • A little league football game is underway in a suburban neighborhood.
  • A couple watch a little girl play by herself on the beach.

a|little 的其它常用短语:

a little of sth.
[[8, 9], [9, 17]]

mod. + do.


[[8, 9], [9, 17]] [[8, 9], [9, 17]]

will/would + do.


will、would 有何区别



  • I will join the expedition.
  • We will meet again in another life.
  • I would like to meet them again.

[[15, 16]]


vi. 听, 倾听, 听从


listen 的其它常用短语:

listen for sth.倾听listen into sth.收听
listen to sth. do.listen in收听
listen in to sth.listen in on sth.窃听
listen up听好了listen to sth.听...
listen to the music听音乐listen to reason听从劝告

Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that I am willing to listen.



Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that I am willing to listen.


Standing at a ••• hands主语 will show谓语动词(复合结构) that I am ••• listen.宾语


I am willing to listen.


I主语 ambe 动词 willing to listen.表语(形容词)



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