sentence Move out of my way! /Move-out-of-my-way!= 1

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move + out + of + one's + way

v. 给...让路, 给...让开, 不要挡住...
move prep. sth.
vi. 移动..., 离开..., 运行..., 迁移..., 摇动..., 搬家..., 交往..., 进展..., 脱手...
n. 方法, 手段; [行为/生活]方式; 路, 道, 径, 街, 道路, 街道; 距离, 路程; 出入通道; 路线; 路径; 习惯, 风格, 作风; 风度; 习俗; 方向; 方面, 情况, 状况; 举止; 看法; 范围, 程度; 规模; 种类, 类别; 行业; 可能性; 可能的后果; 某方向; 时间段; 区域, 地区; 通行权; 航程

out of、outside 有何区别

out of
  • He got out of his car. 他走下车来。
  • Is she out of hospital yet? 她出院了吗?
  • She brought something out of her bag. 她从口袋里拿出一样东西。
向...外面; 在...外面
  • Bedelia looked out of the window. 贝迪丽亚向窗外望望。
  • We like to eat out of doors in summer. 夏天我们喜欢在户外吃饭。
  • It was good just to be out of doors. 单是在户外就很愉快。


  • He watched the country out of the window. 他从窗口眺望田野。
  • They couldn't get a word out of her. 他们从她口里一句话也得不到。
  • It was made out of ivory. 这是用象牙做的。
出于..., 由于...
  • They have done that out of concern for us. 出于关心我们他们才这样做。
  • We did that out of gratitude to you. 我们由于感激你才这样做。
  • He did it out of curiosity. 他这样做是出于好奇。
离开..., 不在...里面
  • She is already out of danger. 她己脱离危险。
  • Put that out of your mind. 不要想它了。
  • Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不烦。
用完..., 没有...

此时out of sth.通常作表语。

  • She was out of funds. 她的钱用完了。
  • He quickly realized he was out of ammunition. 他很快明白他的子弹用完了。
  • Clementine is out of work. 克列门苔现在失业了。

way 的常用短语

make one's way
  • The team slowly made their way through the jungle. 这一队人艰难地行走在丛林中。
push one's way
  • He pushed his way through the crowd. 他推开人群挤出去了。
lose one's way
  • He lost his way in the big city. 在这个大城市里,他迷失了方向。
pick one's way
  • He had to pick his way along the muddy path. 在泥泞的小路上,他只得择路而行。
fight one's way
  • The surrounded soldiers fought their way out. 这些被包围的士兵杀出了一条生路。
feel one's way
  • We couldn't see anything in the cave, so we had to feel our way out. 我们在洞里什么也看不到,只得摸着出去。
inch one's way
  • On seeing the snake, he inched his way backwards. 一看到那条蛇,他就缓慢地退走了。
laugh one's way
  • He laughs his way through life. 他一辈子笑待人生
wind one's way
  • The path winds its way to the top of the mountain. 这条小路蜿蜒通向山顶。
elbow one's way
  • He elbowed his way to the front of the queue. 他(用肘)挤到队前面。
grope one's way
  • He drank too much and then groped his way back to the bedroom. 他喝得太多了,踉踉跄跄得摸进卧室。
limp one's way
  • He was hurt in the left leg so that he had to limp his way home. 他的左腿受伤,只得一瘸一拐地走回家。
dig one's way
  • Mark Twain began digging his way to regional fame as a newspaper reporter. 作为一名记者,马克吐温开始在当地崭露头角。


move 的其它常用短语:

move prep. 副词性介词移动...
move 名词性副词,多表示位置、方向、时间移动...move round
move away离开move on sth.继续前进
move to sp.move off离开
move carefullymove around走来走去
move along sth.继续向前或后移动move down向下移
move into sth.搬进...move over移动一下
move a mile a minutemove ahead of sth.
move along继续向前或后移动move as one
move aside搁在旁边move at a fast clip快速移动
move at a good clipmove away from sth.离开
move back from sth.move back退缩
move beyond sth.超越move clear of sth.
move close to sth.move for sth.提议
move forward with sth.move from sp.移动到
move into full swingmove into high gear
move like stink恶臭般伴随着move like the wind
move off campusmove off from sth.
move off with sb.move on to sth.转换至...(话题)
move out of sp.move down sth.向下移
move up sb.move toward sth.朝
move within rangemove within range of sth.
move upward向上move downward下跌
move about走来走去move in生活于
move in on sth.潜近...move in for the kill打出致命一击

Move out of my way!

简单句 包含的语法知识点都比较少,可以试试扩展成分让其变得复杂。


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