sentence I'm in a hurry! /I~m-in-a-hurry!= 1

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["I", "'m", "in", "a", "hurry", "!"][{"i": 4, "s": [1, 2, 4], "r": "固定搭配", "e": [2, 3, 5], "d": {"piece_poses": [0, 1, 2]}}][{"s": 1, "r": 9, "e": 2, "t": 2}, {"s": 2, "r": 13, "e": 3, "t": 2}, {"s": 3, "r": 3, "e": 6, "t": 2}]{"coos": [], "c": null, "e": 6, "subs": [], "s": 0, "r": "陈述句"}


[[1, 2], [2, 3], [3, 6]] [[1, 2], [2, 3], [4, 5]]

be. + in + a + hurry

v. 在赶时间
be. in sth.
v. 在..., 在...中; 从事, 做; 到达; 执政
n. 匆忙, 急忙, 急促

haste、hurry 及 speed 的区别

hastehurryspeed都含快速; 快的意思。

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • The man is in a hurry because it's cold.
  • Several people on horses are all in a hurry to get somewhere.
  • I 'm in a hurry , so I've got to book out right now.
  • The paramedic is in a hurry .
  • The man is not in a hurry to get to his destination.
  • Two young men are in a hurry .
  • a lady is in a hurry to pass a red vehicle with 2 people inside yelling slurs at her
  • Someone is in a hurry to go somewhere.
  • The man is in a hurry to deliver the box
  • The man is in a hurry as he walks along outside

in 的其它常用短语:

be. in sth.在 in sth. with sth.
be. in sth. for the way在...方式上
in opposition to sth.反对in poor health身体好[坏]
in explanation of sth.对...进行解释in the wall在墙上
in the manner以这种态度in sight of sth.在见得到...的地方
in the same way同样地in the wake of sth.在...之后
in our favour我方收益in the same breath同时
in one's favour对...有利in the science museum
in good taste得体in that既然
in large numbers满谷满坑in total总共
in person在人称上(语法)in taste在口味上
in the extentin high spirits情绪高涨
in the great need of show表面上
in haste匆忙in the habit of sth.有...的习惯
in one's face迎面in care of sb.
in the heart of sth.在...中心in ... condition在...条件下
in good condition处于良好的情况中in use在使用着
in a way在某种程度上in bulk散装
in confidence在自信心[上/方面]in a family way象一家人一样
in safety平安地in the blossom正在开花
in commemoration of sth.纪念in a flash一刹那间
in the concert hallin pain痛苦
in the extreme非常in the issue结果
in other ways在其他方面in search of sth.寻找
in favour of sth.[经] 同意in the negative否定地

I'm in a hurry!

简单句 包含的语法知识点都比较少,可以试试扩展成分让其变得复杂。


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