sentence It is important for everyone to learn English well in our rapidly developing world. /It-is-important-for-everyone-to-learn-English-well-in-our-rapidly-developing-world.= 1

It is important for everyone to learn English well in our rapidly developing world. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

["It", "is", "important", "for", "everyone", "to", "learn", "English", "well", "in", "our", "rapidly", "developing", "world", "."][{"i": 2, "s": [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], "r": "陈述句", "e": [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15], "d": {"poses": [4, 6], "piece_poses": [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]}}, {"i": 15, "s": [11, 12, 13], "r": "名词短语", "e": [12, 13, 15], "d": {"poses": [0, 1, 2], "piece_poses": [0, 1, 2]}}][{"s": 1, "r": 9, "e": 2, "t": 2}, {"s": 2, "r": 4, "e": 3, "t": 2}, {"s": 3, "r": 20, "e": 15, "t": 2}, {"s": 3, "r": 13, "e": 4, "t": 2}, {"s": 4, "r": 3, "e": 5, "t": 2}, {"s": 5, "r": 13, "e": 6, "t": 2}, {"s": 6, "r": 10, "e": 15, "t": 2}, {"s": 6, "r": 20, "e": 9, "t": 2}, {"s": 6, "r": 20, "e": 8, "t": 2}, {"s": 6, "r": 9, "e": 7, "t": 2}, {"s": 7, "r": 3, "e": 8, "t": 2}, {"s": 8, "r": 7, "e": 9, "t": 2}, {"s": 9, "r": 5, "e": 15, "t": 2}, {"s": 9, "r": 13, "e": 10, "t": 2}, {"s": 10, "r": 3, "e": 15, "t": 2}]{"coos": [], "c": null, "e": 15, "subs": [], "s": 0, "r": "陈述句"}


[[0, 1], [1, 2], [2, 3], [3, 4], [4, 5], [5, 6], [6, 15]]

It + is + important + for + sb. + to + do. + (sth.)



important 的其它常用短语:

be. important for sb. to do. (sth.)be. important (for sb.) to do. (sth.)
It is important for sb. to do. (sth.)It is important (for sb.) to do. (sth.)
be. important for sth....对...有重要的意义important sth.重要的...
be. important to sth.important implications
important policyimportant event重大事件
an important article of sth.

[[11, 12], [12, 13], [13, 15]]

adv. + doing. + sth., 其中 doing. 为动词的现在分词形式作定语



[[4, 5]]


n. 每个人

everyone 与 everybody 的用法

两者意思相同,均表示人人, 每人等,但everybodyeveryone更常用、更口语化。


  • [Everyone/Everybody] burst out laughing. 每个人都大笑起来。(burst为过去式)


everyone 的其它常用短语:

everyone adj.每个...(的)人everyone doing.
[[6, 7], [7, 8]] [[6, 7], [7, 8]]

learn + English

v. 学英语
learn sth.
vt. 学习; 认识到; 得知
n. 英语; 英国人, 英格兰人

erudition、information、knowledge、learning 有何区别


注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

ignorant、illiterate、uneducated 及 unlearned 的区别


注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • The children were learning English at school
  • He will have learned English for eight years by the time he graduates from the university next year
  • It is important for everyone to learn English well in our rapidly developing world.
  • she had started learning English when she was 16
  • A group of men are learning English
  • The girl is at school learning english .
  • Four people are learning English .

learn 的其它常用短语:

learn sth.学习learn sth. by heart记住某事
learn a tradelearn sth. by sth.
learn sth. from sth.learn from sth.向...学习
learning racelearn sth. from sth. up
learn off牢记learn by heart记住
learn a thing or two about sth.learn a thing or two学会一些东西
learn by sth.从...学到learn sth. from the bottom up
learn sth. the hard way通过艰难困苦而学到某事learn the hard way费一番苦功才学会
learn the ropes学会事情的内情learn the tricks of the trade
learn wh-/how + 不定式, wh-/how + 不定式作宾语成份学习learn whether + 不定式, whether + 不定式作宾语成份学习
learn sth. of sth.从...了解...learn of sth. sth., 过时、夸张用法
learn about sth.学习learn about sth. by sth.
learn of sth.听说...learn to do. (sth.)学会...
learn to live with sth.学会与...一起生活

[[8, 9]]


adv. 很好地, 适当地, 好意地, 很, 完全


well 的其它常用短语:

well ...well do.+ed sth.
well adj. sth.well adj.
well adv.well prep. sth.
well 副词性介词well , 句子

[[9, 10], [10, 15]] [[9, 10], [13, 14]]

in + the + world

prep. 在世界上; 在这个世界; 全世界; 究竟; 到底
n. 世界; 地球; 天体

earth、universe、world 的区别

earthuniverseworld都含地球, 世界的意思。

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • No children are still alive in the world .
  • All the water in the world has frozen.
  • Due to global warming, all the water in the world has dried up.
  • The group of people are on the tallest mountain in the world looking out at the view.
  • With the best will in the world , Jack won't be able to help Mary get the job.
  • Two people are playing checkers, their favorite game in the world , on a large checkers board.
  • You must believe in what you do and who you want to succeed in the world .
  • I know that all my children can make their way in the world .
  • Two people are part of the largest baseball game in the world , dressed in the proper attire.
  • The two best soccer players in the world race for the ball

in 的其它常用短语:

be. in sth.在 in sth. with sth.
be. in sth. for the way在...方式上
in opposition to sth.反对in poor health身体好[坏]
in explanation of sth.对...进行解释in the wall在墙上
in the manner以这种态度in sight of sth.在见得到...的地方
in the same way同样地in the wake of sth.在...之后
in our favour我方收益in the same breath同时
in one's favour对...有利in the science museum
in good taste得体in that既然
in large numbers满谷满坑in total总共
in person在人称上(语法)in taste在口味上
in the extentin high spirits情绪高涨
in the great need of show表面上
in haste匆忙in the habit of sth.有...的习惯
in one's face迎面in care of sb.
in the heart of sth.在...中心in ... condition在...条件下
in good condition处于良好的情况中in use在使用着
in a way在某种程度上in bulk散装
in confidence在自信心[上/方面]in a family way象一家人一样
in safety平安地in the blossom正在开花
in commemoration of sth.纪念in a flash一刹那间
in the concert hallin pain痛苦
in the extreme非常in the issue结果
in other ways在其他方面in search of sth.寻找
in favour of sth.[经] 同意in the negative否定地

[[11, 12], [12, 13]]

rapidly + ...


[[12, 13]]


vi. 发展, 生长


develop 的其它常用短语:

develop from sth. into sth.develop from sth.从...中长出来〔产生出〕
develop sth.发展develop an interest in sth.
develop a friendship建立友谊develop films冲洗胶卷
develop a habit养成一个习惯develop pictures冲洗胶片
develop sth. into sth.develop into sth. sth., 过时、夸张用法
develop into sth.演变成...develop to do. (sth.)

It is important for everyone to learn English well in our rapidly developing world.



It形式主语 isbe 动词 important表语(形容词) for everyone to ••• world.真实主语