sentence I personally feel that teacher is the most important profession in the world. /I-personally-feel-that-teacher-is-the-most-important-profession-in-the-world.= 1

I personally feel that teacher is the most important profession in the world. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

["I", "personally", "feel", "that", "teacher", "is", "the", "most", "important", "profession", "in", "the", "world", "."][{"i": 4, "s": [1, 2], "r": "固定搭配", "e": [2, 14], "d": {"poses": [1], "piece_poses": [0, 1]}}, {"i": 5, "s": [2, 3], "r": "动词固定搭配", "e": [3, 14], "d": {"poses": [1], "piece_poses": [0, 1]}}, {"i": 21, "s": [9], "r": "名词短语", "e": [10], "d": {"piece_poses": [0]}}][{"s": 1, "r": 6, "e": 2, "t": 2}, {"s": 2, "r": 10, "e": 14, "t": 2}, {"s": 2, "r": 9, "e": 3, "t": 2}, {"s": 5, "r": 9, "e": 6, "t": 2}, {"s": 6, "r": 2, "e": 14, "t": 2}, {"s": 7, "r": 3, "e": 14, "t": 2}, {"s": 10, "r": 15, "e": 14, "t": 2}, {"s": 10, "r": 13, "e": 11, "t": 2}, {"s": 11, "r": 3, "e": 14, "t": 2}]{"coos": [], "c": null, "e": 14, "subs": [{"coos": [], "c": 2, "e": 14, "subs": [], "s": 3, "r": "宾语从句"}], "s": 0, "r": "陈述句"}


[[1, 2], [2, 14]]

personally + ...



personally 的其它常用短语:

personally ...
[[2, 3], [3, 14]]

feel + (that) 引导的宾语从句

vt. 感觉, 觉得, 触摸, 以为

  • they were persuaded to feel that we're absolutely correct
  • I felt the man was guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt.
  • I feel it is your husband who is to blame for the spoiled child
  • Students at large felt that discipline was too strict.
  • I feel that he doesn't like me
  • She felt that he would want to distance himself from her radical politics.
  • She didn't feel that she could confide in her mother.
  • I felt so bad I went to see my doctor
  • John felt that he had to abide by his father's wishes.
  • Authors feel that writing about an irreversible event like the death makes their work more meaningful.

feel 的其它常用短语:

feel pulse号脉feel like sth. to sth.
feel like sth.有...的感觉feel like a million dollars感觉好极了
feel like a million<美口>身体觉得好极了feel like a new person
feel like death warmed over感觉像死了一样feel like doing.想要(做)...
feel like oneself. againfeel sth.感觉
feel one's way摸索着走feel no shame for sth.
feel alone感到孤单feel at home感到自在
feel about sth.到处摸索feel up to sth.觉得能担当
feel your way感同身受feel a draft感觉不受欢迎
feel a glow of happinessfeel on top of the world心旷神怡
feel one's oats兴高采烈feel out of place感到如鱼出水
feel out of sorts感觉不舒服feel out of things感到如鱼出水
feel out sb.feel up sb.感觉某人
feel the pinch感到拮据feel no pain不觉得痛
feel cold发冷feel sleepy昏昏欲睡
feel adj. about sth.feel adj.感到...
feel adj. for sth.feel adj. to do.
feel done.feel done. by sth.
feel 副词性介词feel 由并列连词连接的两个状语
feel out sth.试探出...的意见feel terrible感觉不舒服
feel obliged to sth.feel blue闷闷不乐
feel good感觉舒服feel free to do. (sth.)随便...
feel amused at sth.feel bad有病
feel good about lifefeel tired感到疲劳
feel weakfeel sorry for sth.对...感到懊悔

[[9, 10]]


n. 同行, 同业



[[4, 5]]


n. 教师, 老师, 导师



teacher 的其它常用短语:

a teacher of sth.
[[10, 11], [11, 14]] [[10, 11], [12, 13]]

in + the + world

prep. 在世界上; 在这个世界; 全世界; 究竟; 到底
n. 世界; 地球; 天体

earth、universe、world 有何区别

earthuniverseworld都含地球, 世界的意思。

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • A construction crew builds the tallest building in the world .
  • A man washes windows outside the tallest skyscraper in the world .
  • In a world without cell phones, this is the primary form of communication.
  • With the best will in the world , Jack won't be able to help Mary get the job.
  • The man in a world -famous artist recording his newest album.
  • The two best soccer players in the world race for the ball
  • No children are still alive in the world .
  • A crowd of people watch the most important boxing match in the world .
  • The last cowboy in the world saddles up once more.
  • A baby doesn't give a woman an opportunity to engage in its world

in 的其它常用短语:

be. in sth.在 in sth. with sth.
be. in sth. for the way在...方式上
in opposition to sth.反对in poor health身体好[坏]
in explanation of sth.对...进行解释in the wall在墙上
in the manner以这种态度in sight of sth.在见得到...的地方
in the same way同样地in the wake of sth.在...之后
in our favour我方收益in the same breath同时
in one's favour对某人有利in the science museum
in good taste得体in that既然
in large numbers满谷满坑in total总共
in person在人称上(语法)in taste在口味上
in the extentin high spirits情绪高涨
in the great need of show表面上
in haste匆忙in the habit of sth.有...的习惯
in one's face迎面in care of sb.
in the heart of sth.在...中心in condition健康状况好
in good condition处于良好的情况中in use在使用着
in a way在某种程度上in bulk散装
in confidence私下地in a family way象一家人一样
in safety平安地in the blossom正在开花
in commemoration of sth.纪念in a flash一刹那间
in the concert hallin pain痛苦
in the extreme非常in the issue结果
in other ways在其他方面in search of sth.寻找
in favour of sth.[经] 同意in the negative否定地

[[7, 8], [8, 9], [9, 10]]

the + most + adj. + sth.


most 与 mostly 的区别

most作副词时,表示最; 非常, 及其,用于表感受的肯定句中,相当于very

most作限定词或名词时,表示大部分, 大多数,例: most people

mostly作副词,表示大部分,例: the people are mostly...

  • This young man is attempting the most difficult skateboarding trick known to man.
  • The Latino cowboys were the most popular part of the rodeo.
  • He plays the most beautiful music
  • In some peoples opinion it is the most wonderful Asian food court!
  • A group of tents sit in front of a hill with a person standing outside the most prominent one.
  • Skier making the most incredible jump
  • The most visible parts of the building are made of metal.
  • A man performs his most popular skateboard trick in front of potential sponsors.
  • Two men and woman are celebrating the firing of their most hated coworker.
  • A jewelry vendor arranges her wares in the most pleasing way.

most 的其它常用短语:

most adv., 构成副词最高级形式most adj., 构成形容词最高级形式
[[8, 9]]


adj. 重要的, 有地位的, 大量的, 显要的, 自负的


important 的其它常用短语:

be. important for sth....对...有重要的意义important sth.重要的...
be. important to sth....对...很重要important implications
important policyimportant event重大事件
an important article of sth.It is important for sb. to do. (sth.)
be. important for sb. to do. (sth.)be. important (for sb.) to do. (sth.)
It is important (for sb.) to do. (sth.)

I personally feel that teacher is the most important profession in the world.



I personally feel that teacher is the most important profession in the world.


I主语 feel谓语动词 that teacher is ••• world.宾语


that teacher is the most important profession in the world.


that teacher主语 isbe 动词 the most important ••• world.表语(名词)



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