sentence I must have dropped it somewhere. /I-must-have-dropped-it-somewhere.= 1

I must have dropped it somewhere. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

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mod. + have + done.

v. (将来完成时)

mod. have done. 详解

mod. have done.表示将来完成时(The Future Perfect Tense),其中mod.可以为wouldshouldcan/couldmustmay/might等。

如果mod.在句中的时态为过去时,那么时态全称为过去将来完成时(The Past Future Perfect Tense)

注意! wouldcouldshoud既可以表示过去时,又可以表示现在时(如虚拟语气),需要依据具体句子甚至章节上下文才可以做出判断。




would have done.

  • It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London.
  • David realized, in hindsight, that he should have finished school.
  • If Jane hadn't carried the torch, no one would have followed, and the whole thing would have failed.
  • He will have learned English for eight years by the time he graduates from the university next year
  • After I fell, I must have blacked out.
  • The hall was narrow, and I could hardly have slipped by.
  • If I hadn't been asleep at the switch, I 'd have noticed the car being stolen.
  • The father must have said something encouraging because the boy finally got up and made a good speech.
  • If you were on the ball, this wouldn't have happened.
  • Mary should have known better than to accept a lift from a stranger.
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vi. aux. 必须

must 详解


意为必须, 应该

  • I must leave at six today. 我今天必须六点钟离开。
  • I must write a letter to the head teacher. 我非得给校长写封信不可。
  • You must go and see that film. You'd really enjoy it. 你得去看看那部电影,你会真的喜欢它的。

must 与 have to 的区别


have to表示客观上要求不得不做某事,侧重于客观上的必要,可用于现在时、过去时和将来时。

  • I know I must study hard. 我知道我必须努力学习。
  • He said they must work hard. 他说他们必须努力工作。
  • My brother was very ill, so I had to call the doctor in the mid-night. 我弟弟病得厉害,我只得半夜里把医生请来。
  • I haven't got any money with me, so I'll have to borrow some from my friend. 我身上没带钱,只好向朋友借点了。
  • You have to wear uniform on duty, don't you? 你在值班时必须穿制服,是吗?

have to可以用于多种时态。


  • The composition is due to hand in this morning, so I had to finish it last night. 作文今天早晨到期,因此我不得不昨天晚上完成。

have to有非谓语动词形式,但must没有。

  • I hate having to get up so early. 我讨厌这第早就得起床。


[[3, 4], [4, 5]]

drop + sth.

vt. 使滴下, 放下, 丢失, 遗漏

  • One Asian man in a group of four, drops a drink.
  • People are in a ride that drops you from a great height.
  • The basketball player is dropping the basketball into the net.
  • He dropped his pants and stepped out.
  • A woman in a red top dropping Mardi Gras beads from her bedroom window.
  • The man dropped the short haired woman.
  • The man dropped his instrument.
  • A man is looking for the dollar he just dropped .
  • A person drops a drink.
  • Two dogs are sitting by the child, waiting for it to drop it 's food for them to eat.

drop 的其它常用短语:

drop a brick失言drop a bundle on sth.
drop a bundle投资drop a hint暗示
drop everything放下手头的事情drop one's drawers
drop one's teethdrop sth. down
drop down sth.(使)落下drop sth. from sth.
drop sth. into sth.drop sth. like a hot potato把不愉快的事迅速抛开
drop sth. off sth.从...上扔下...drop sth. on sb.
drop sth. out of sth.drop one's name
drop sth. across sth.drop the ball[体]吊球
drop the other shoe扔下另一只鞋drop the subject改变(或转移)话题
drop cloth= dust sheetdrop altitude空投高度
drop acid服迷幻药drop sth. sth.把...扔到...上
drop sth. to sth.把...扔到...上drop sb. a line
drop sb. a few linesdrop by随便访问
drop in顺便走访drop in on sb.
drop in at sp.drop in to say hello
drop off离开drop off to sleep
drop out掉出drop in sth.顺便走访
drop sth. in顺便走访drop in one's tracks
drop off sth.离开drop sth. off离开
drop off sth. sp.drop out sth.掉出
drop sth. out掉出drop prep. sth.
drop over顺便拜访drop on sth.训斥
drop back退后drop from sth.(使)从...落下
drop down(使)落下drop out of sth.退出

[[5, 6]]


adv. 在某处; 到某处; 左右, 前后; 大约; 在某一点上; 大概

  • A man is bringing food somewhere .
  • A busy square somewhere in asia.
  • I really hate to get all dressed up just to go somewhere to eat.
  • The 4 people were walking together to get somewhere at night
  • An Asian man standing somewhere in Chinatown
  • The man is taking his money somewhere .
  • a guy carries a stack of poles somewhere
  • People in traditional military fare and two people riding elephants somewhere in Southeast Asia.
  • Two people are going somewhere on the bus.
  • Three friends outside on their way somewhere .

somewhere 的其它常用短语:

somewhere adj.
I must have dropped it somewhere.


句子类型是陈述句, 其时态可以是现在完成时将来完成时

I主语 must have dropped谓语动词(复合结构) it宾语
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