sentence He and his band could not go out anywhere without being followed. /He-and-his-band-could-not-go-out-anywhere-without-being-followed.= 1

He and his band could not go out anywhere without being followed. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

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[[0, 1], [1, 2], [2, 4]]

sth. + and + sth.,同为主语、表语、宾语


and 的用法




  • Animals and plants must have a habitat, or home, which is comfortable and clean, and where there is enough food and other resources.
  • It disappeared during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
  • The number of workers and engineers has risen to over 2000, and 80% of them are college graduates.
  • Living in a country with plenty of space and a good climate, New Zealanders love all kinds of sport and outdoor activities.
  • The latest cellphones have features such as games, music and an electronic calendar that will remind you about appointments and important dates.
  • Many of the Chinese medals were won in diving and gymnastics and also in events such as shooting.
  • It was born in when people created a new festival so that African Americans would be able to celebrate their history and culture.
  • She says that her cellphone helps her do whatever she wants to do and still stay in touch with her parents and friends.
  • In China, you sometimes get a hot, damp cloth to clean your face and hands, which, however, is not the custom in Western countries.
  • There are many plants and animals that only live in New Zealand.
[[6, 7], [7, 8]]

go + out

v. 出去, 熄灭, 过时, 辞职, 倒塌, 罢工

  • Let's go out tonight and crack some suds.
  • A man and woman go out on a date.
  • A baby being dressed to go out.
  • I can't go out because I just put my hair up.
  • A man going out in cold weather to find some nature shots of winter.
  • Let's go out and sail around before dinner.
  • She just went out to powder her face.
  • A man trying to spy on his girlfriend is listening to a couple talk about going out.
  • It went out years ago.
  • We went out on the town to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

go 的其它常用短语:

go out for a walk出去散步go out for sth.出去为...
go out for a picnicgo out for the count
go out from sth.go out in force
go out in search of sth.go out on a limb爬高枝
go out on strike举行罢工go out to sb.
go ahead前进go ahead with sth.继续进行
go along前进go along with sth.陪...一起去
go along with sb. for the ridego along for the ride逢场作戏
go away离开go away for sth.
go away with sth.带走go off进行
go off with sb.go off for sth.
go off by oneself.go off half-cocked发脾气
go off into sth.开始go off on sth.离开接着踏上...
go off to the side with sb.go through经历
go through with sth.做完...go adv.
go straight笔直走go all about sth.
go slow慢慢走go prep. sth.去...
go 副词性介词去...go 名词性副词,多表示位置、方向、时间去...
go prep. sth. with sth.适合于go at sth. tooth and nail
go off sth.离开...go on sth.进行...
go to sth. to do.go into sth.进入...
go 并列介词(或副词)短语go sth. to sth.
go round sth.go to the hospital去医院
go to the school(因事)去学校go to the bed到床边去
go straight downgo to sleep入睡

[[9, 10], [10, 13]]

without + doing.


without 用法归纳


意为没有..., 无..., 不需...

without sth.

  • The letter was posted without a stamp. 那封信没贴邮票就寄出去了。
  • We got there without any trouble. 我们到了那儿,一路上没遇到任何麻烦。
  • You'll get wet if you go out in the rain without an umbrella. 雨天外出不带伞会淋湿的。
  • I suddenly realized I'd come out without any money. 我突然意识到,一点儿钱也没带就出来了。

without doing.

  • She entered the room without knocking. 她没敲门就进了房间。
  • It goes without saying that health is above wealth. 健康胜于财富这个道理是无需多说的。
  • They had to stand for hours without changing position. 他们得一动不动地站几个小时。
  • It wasn't very polite of you to serve yourself without asking. 你也不问一声就自己吃起来是不太礼貌的。


without 的其它常用短语:

without sth.没有 without sth.没有...
without return[经] 不可退货without any trace
without regard to sth.不考虑without recourse[经] 无追索权
without tears不难学的without being asked
without so much as sth.甚至于不...without effort毫不费力地
without mercy残忍地without delay毫不迟延地
without (a) doubt毫无疑问without limits无限(制)地
without a murmur毫无怨言without number数不胜数
without a hitch顺利无阻地without a moment to spare
without a shadow of a doubt毫无疑问without any strings attached= with no strings(attached)
without batting an eye毫不流露感情地without further ado立即
without half tryingwithout missing a beat毫不迟疑
without rhyme or reason莫名其妙without so much as doing.
without a word一声不响就...without day不定期
without accident安全地without question毫无疑问

[[3, 4]]


n. 乐队; 一[伙/帮]人; 带; 条纹, 条饰; 范围, 段; 波段, 频带


band、company、faction、gang、group、party 有何区别


注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

[[4, 5], [6, 13]]

mod. + do.


[[8, 9]]


adv. 在(到)任何地方, 在(到)什么地方, 无论哪里; 根本, 全然; 在任何(或某种)程度上; 在(限定范围内的)任何一点上

  • I did not move anywhere .
  • I'm not ready to put roots down anywhere yet.
  • Two adults stand motionless, discussing the ethics of proper Frisbee playing, with no Frisbee anywhere to be seen.
  • Did you see my cat around the neighborhood anywhere ?
  • The crazy man will ski anywhere and jump off of anything.
  • the woman lives in the city with no grass or anywhere to have a garden
  • so beat I could flop down and go to sleep anywhere
  • Trump was not persuaded to send troops anywhere
  • There are no prices anywhere in the photo.
  • The dogs were never anywhere near each other.

anywhere 的其它常用短语:

anywhere adj.
[[11, 13], [-1, -1]]

follow + sth.

vt. 跟随, 沿行, 遵循, 追求

ensue、follow、result、succeed 的区别

ensuefollowresultsucceed都含跟随; 接踵而至的意思。

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • It has come to my attention that you are not following the rules.
  • A small girl is following people walking down a dirt road.
  • Follow the path, or you might get lost.
  • A boy follows a woman holding a basket on her head as they pass a tall white building.
  • a man in a suit following his friend
  • Just follow my lead and you will not get lost.
  • a small child is following his mom
  • He and his band could not go out anywhere without being followed.
  • In the end, he came to grief because he did not follow instructions.
  • I pulled him by the hand, trying to get him to follow me.

follow 的其它常用短语:

follow a course学习一门课程follow the trail跟着嗅迹
follow the scent循着气味follow through坚持到底
follow through on sth.follow through with sth.彻底完成(计划、任务等)
follow up穷追follow around sth.=follow about
follow sth. around=follow aboutfollow out sth.把...查到底
follow sth. out把...查到底follow up sth.继续下去
follow sth. up继续下去follow up sth. with sth.
follow the rules遵循[规则/规章/条例]follow the directions
follow one's nose笔直走follow a plan遵循计划
followed by sth.然后follow the example of sth.学习...的榜样
follow the instructions按照技术指导follow advice
follow after the style of sth.follow in one's tracks
follow on after sth.follow on继续下去
follow one's heart做自己想做的事情follow orders
follow sth. about跟着...follow the lead照样行事
follow up sb.follow sth. through完成某事
follow suit跟着做follow the crowd随大流
follow up on sth.追踪follow sth. prep. sth.
follow sth. 副词性介词follow sth. 名词性副词
follow the advice on sth.

He and his band could not go out anywhere without being followed.



He and his band主语 could go out谓语动词短语(复合结构)
notanywherewithout being followed.