sentence Arriving at a strange-looking house, he showed me into a large, bright clean room. /Arriving-at-a-strange_looking-house+-he-showed-me-into-a-large+-bright-clean-room.= 1

Arriving at a strange-looking house, he showed me into a large, bright clean room. 英语句型语法分析长句已解锁

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动词的分词形式 + (,) + 主句, 构成状语前置结构


[[0, 1], [1, 2], [2, 8]]

arrive + at + sth.

vi. 到达...

arrive、reach、get to 有何区别




  • Has the train arrived?
  • They arrived at the village on a rainy night.

arrive at指到达较小的地方,如车站、机场、码头、学校、工厂、商店等。

  • It was dark when I arrived at the airport.

arrive in指到达较大的地方,如村庄、城镇、地区、国家等。

  • When did you arrive in Beijing yesterday?


  • He reached Japan on October the second 2017.
get to

get to是短语动词,相当于及物动词,在口语中用的多,使用的范围也很广,不管是步行还是乘车、乘船、乘飞机等到达目的地或中途暂停都可以用。

  • Can you tell me how I can get to the airport?

arriveget to后跟副词homeherethere时,arrive后不再用atinget后不再用to

  • When the train arrived here, it was raining hard.
  • When did you get home?

  • An African woman is arrived at a hut to receive water from the well next to it.
  • The boy is arriving at a soccer game
  • The band is in their tour bus, just arriving at the park.
  • A woman arrives at a potluck and brings a container of her famous stew.
  • They pushed along at a steady clip until they arrived at their destination.
  • Firefighters and EMT arrive at a house fire.
  • A worker arriving at the job site.
  • The skiers are arriving at the lodge.
  • A girl arrives at a birthday party.
  • A bride arriving at her wedding venue on her wedding day.

arrive 的其它常用短语:

arrive at sth.到达...arrive home到家
arrive on sth.到达arrive in sth.到达
arrive ahead of timearrive at a decision作出决定
arrive backarrive in force
arrive in the very nick of timearrive in the nick of time
arrive on a wing and a prayerarrive on the scene露面
arrive from sp.arrive at the stroke of st.在...(某个时间)的钟声中到达
arrive upon the stroke of st.arrive on the stroke of st.
arrive upon the scene of sth.到达某事的现场arrive upon the scene到场
arrive on the scene of sth.

[[3, 6], [6, 8]]

strange-looking + sth.

n. 长相奇怪的..., 外貌奇怪的...; 奇形怪状的..., 怪模怪样的...

  • The child is sharing a strange-looking bicycle with the man.
  • The strange-looking fish puffed up into a round ball.
  • Arriving at a strange-looking house, he showed me into a large, bright clean room.
[[9, 10], [10, 11], [11, 12], [12, 19]]

show + sb. + into + sp.


display、exhibit、expose、show 的区别

displayexhibitexposeshow都含景象的出现; 展示某物让人看的意思。

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

  • The butler showed me into the sitting room and asked me to wait.
  • A policeman is shown trying to climb into some debris.
  • The car dealer showed me into the sales office and asked me to sign some papers.
  • A person in a blue shirt is on the tiled ground showing his paintings and reaching into a box of supplies.
  • Arriving at a strange-looking house, he showed me into a large, bright clean room.
  • A woman is showing her fingers full of rings into the mirror.
  • A firefighter is shown trying to climb into some debris.

show 的其它常用短语:

show sth.表示show signs of sth.显示...迹象
show sb. round
show sb. aroundshow one's stuff显示出某人的素质
show sb. in sympathy for sth.
show sth. for around到处看看
show one's ticketshow concern about sth.
show business娱乐业show a film放电影
show out sth.送出(客人)show concern for sth.对...表示关心
show in sth.领进来show a lot of promise
show good faithshow one's hand摊牌
show one's teeth作威胁(或敌对、发怒)姿态show one's true colors原形毕露
show one's colors露出真相show sb. around sp.
show sb. out of sb. out
show up up sb. as sth.
show one's face露面show a profit有利可图
show one's head到场show respect表示尊重
show the way做出样子来show one's years显得衰老
show wh-/how + 不定式, wh-/how + 不定式作宾语成份表示show whether + 不定式, whether + 不定式作宾语成份表示
show as sth. sth.表示
show sth. to sth.表示show sb. out sth.
show respect to mercy to sth.对...怜悯
show sb. to one's seatshow sb. the big picture
show sb. the ropesshow sb. to the door
show sb. the doorshow sb. the tricks of the trade
show sth. to good advantageshow off炫耀

[[13, 14], [15, 19]] [[13, 14], [17, 18]]

large + room

n. 巨室
large sth.
n. 大的..., 大量的..., 宽大的..., 广博的...
n. 房间, 空位, 场所

  • Little girls do cartwheels in a large , empty room with folding chairs to one side.
  • A group of people standing in a large white room looking at large pieces of stone.
  • There is only one person in the large room of computer terminals.
  • People hard at work inside a large room .
  • A group of people are partying in the large room .
  • Several people sit at computers working, in a large room with big windows.
  • Three girls are playing hockey in a large room .
  • A person in a large , open room with a wooden floor, balances on just one hand.
  • The people are standing in a large room .
  • Five people in a large open room at a convention center with a woman in black bending over the table writing something.

large 的其它常用短语:

large sth.大的...a large extent很大程度
large number of sth.许多的a large quantity of sth.大量...
large predatorlarge chunks of sth.
large packing大包装

[[16, 17], [17, 19]] [[16, 17], [17, 18]]

clean + room

n. 清洁室
clean sth.
n. 干净的..., 清白的..., 简洁的...
n. 房间, 空位, 场所

clean 与 cleanly 的区别


clean用作形容词时意为干净的, 清洁的

  • Apply the paint with a clean brush. 用干净的刷子涂油漆。
  • Cats should always have access to fresh, clean water. 猫应该总能喝到新鲜、干净的水。
  • Having clean hands is one of the cardinal rules when preparing food. 做饭前首先要把手洗干净。
  • The cut will heal up in a few days if you keep it clean and dry. 这个伤口只要保持清洁干爽,过不了几天就会愈合。
  • It's clean and well-located, but best of all, it's affordable. 那里很干净,地段也好,而且更不错的是,价格也承受得起。



  • A fancy man is in a clean room .
  • A guy drinks water in a clean room .
  • A well dressed man looking over a clean bed and room .
  • Arriving at a strange-looking house, he showed me into a large, bright clean room .
  • The items are in a clean room

clean 的其它常用短语:

clean sth.干净的 clean of sth.

[[6, 7]]


n. 房屋, 建筑物; 家, 家庭; 家庭成员; 家务; 家族; 贵族, 皇室; 关心; 鼓励; 观众; 听众; 议院; 议会; 众议院; 议会大厦; 法定人数; 商业机构, 公司; 经营, 管理; 全体学院学生; 同居; 性交; 私通



house 的其它常用短语:

house of sth.
[[15, 16], [16, 19]]

bright + sth.

n. 明亮的..., 聪明的..., 鲜明的..., 欢快的...

bright、brilliant 及 radiant 的区别

brightbrilliantradiant都含明亮的; 发光的的意思。

注意! 当前仅对比在该相似语意下的区别

Arriving at a strange-looking house, he showed me into a large, bright clean room.



he主语 showed谓语动词 me宾语
Arriving at a ••• house,into a large, ••• room.